APC Charges

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Article Processing Charges (APC)

The following article processing charges (APC) for publication in IJE are effective 1st January 2022. The Journal is transforming into an open access peer-reviewed one from 1st January 2022, and APC will be charged from authors. The APC is estimated on the number of pages of publication, and is based on the standards of income in developing countries. The APC includes an annual membership fee of the Entomological Society of India for first/ corresponding authors (who are presently not members) as preferred by the authors. The Journal is also committing publication of the article (after due peer review etc) within a period of six months of submission/ three months of acceptance with the payment of APC.

The following charges are applicable for the accepted articles in IJE effective 1st January 2022*:

Categories Charges (Non-members) Charges (Members)
Full length articles: Research Article, Research Communications and Reviews (< 36 printed pages). INR 7,000/USD 120 INR 5,000/USD 100
Monographs (Articles of 36 printed pages or more, up to 64 pages). Special issues or larger issues will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. INR 15,000/USD 300 INR 10,000/USD 250

*Includes an annual membership fee of the Entomological Society of India (ESI) for first/ corresponding author; the rates given in US $ is for the overseas submissions.

The APC are calculated considering various situations, including ability to pay for publication for those who are unaided or underfunded; also taking into account the production expenses (to break even), and as incurred now. Waiver of APC in full or partially in some cases like those of authors/ students from developing countries/ overseas is under consideration. Please write to the Chief Editor upon acceptance of the article with details. Visit the website of the ESI for details. Invited submissions are exempted from this totally.