Occurrence of Fall Armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (J E Smith) as Earhead Caterpillar on Finger Millet


  • N. M. Chikkarugi Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Vishweshwaraiah Canal, Farm, Mandya 571405, Karnataka
  • L. Vijaykumar Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Vishweshwaraiah Canal, Farm, Mandya 571405, Karnataka
  • H. R. Raveendra Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Vishweshwaraiah Canal, Farm, Mandya 571405, Karnataka
  • B. Shivanna Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Vishweshwaraiah Canal, Farm, Mandya 571405, Karnataka
  • Shivaray Navi Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Vishweshwaraiah Canal, Farm, Mandya 571405, Karnataka
  • M. S. Kitturmath Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Vishweshwaraiah Canal, Farm, Mandya 571405, Karnataka




Fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda, earhead caterpillar, finger millet, Eleusine coracana, invasive pest, compact, semi-compact, open-droopy and lax, maturity stage, dough stage, milky stage


Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda considered as a polyphagous and potential pest of cereals. Recently it was found infesting on earheads of finger millet at ZARS, V C Farm, Mandya, Karnataka, India. Screening of 230 finger millet genotypes during Kharif-2018 and 2019 revealed that, fist earhead shape genotypes recorded maximum level of incidence i.e. 0.15 to 0.50 larvae/earhead, whereas, compact earhead shape recorded moderate level of incidence 0.06 to 0.37 larvae/earhead and minimum level on semi-compact earhead shape genotypes i.e. 0.01 to 0.20 larvae/earhead. However, droopy/lax and open earhead genotypes were free from infestation completely. During various stages of earhead development, A maximum level of incidence was recorded during doughing stage (0.23 larvae/ earhead), followed by milky stage (0.16 larvae/earhead) and maturity stage (0.07 larvae/earhead). However, at flowering stage, there was no incidence.


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Chikkarugi, N. M., Vijaykumar, L., Raveendra, H. R., Shivanna, B., Navi, S., & Kitturmath, M. S. (2023). Occurrence of Fall Armyworm <i>Spodoptera frugiperda</i> (J E Smith) as Earhead Caterpillar on Finger Millet. Indian Journal of Entomology, 86(1), 212–215. https://doi.org/10.55446/IJE.2023.841



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