Evaluation of Insecticides Against Lepidopteran Pests of Okra


  • M. M. Patel Agricultural Research Station, S D Agricultural University, Ladol 382840, Gujarat
  • R. K. Sharma Agricultural Research Station, S D Agricultural University, Ladol 382840, Gujarat
  • J. R. Patel Polytechnic in Agriculture, S D Agricultural University, Khedbrahma 383275, Gujarat
  • Manishkumar J. Joshi Department of Agricultural Entomology, S D Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar 385506, Gujarat




Okra, pests, Helicoverpa armigera, Earias vitella, emamectin benzoate, spinosad, yield, pesticide residue analysis, MRL, yield, cost benefits


Field experiment for the evaluation of insecticides was conducted at the Agricultural Research Station, S D Agricultural University, Ladol during kharif 2018-2020. Results revealed that least fruit damage caused by Earias vitella F (9.84%) and Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (12.86%) was observed with emamectin benzoate 5SG at 0.0025%. Emamectin benzoate 5SG at 0.0025% gave maximum fruit yield and incremental cost benefit ratio. The pesticide residue analysis with emamectin benzoate 5SG at 0.0025% showed that the residues were below limit at 5 days after the spray. Also, only below MRL residue (0.223 ppm) of spinosad 45SC at 0.0169% was observed.


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Patel, M. M., Sharma, R. K., Patel, J. R., & Joshi, M. J. (2022). Evaluation of Insecticides Against Lepidopteran Pests of Okra. Indian Journal of Entomology, 85(1), 245–248. https://doi.org/10.55446/IJE.2022.447



Research Communications


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