Screening of Mungbean Genotypes Against Whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) And Thrips Megalurothrips distalis (Karny)


  • G. R. Hithesh Division of Entomology, ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012
  • K. D. Shah Department of Entomology, Junagarh Agricultural University (JAU), College of Agriculture, Junagadh 362001, Gujarat
  • M. C. Keerthi Division of Entomology, ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012
  • B. B. Kabaria Main Dry Farming Research Station, JAU, Targhadia, Rajkot 360002, Gujarat



Genotypes, summer, green gram, screening, sucking pests, Megalurothrips distalis, Bemisia tabaci, resistant, susceptible, population, infestation


Ten green gram genotypes (K 851, GM 4, Meha, VMS 6 (GM-5), IPM 205-7 (Virat), Vaibhav, AKM-6802, CO-5, AKM-8803 and PM-2) were screened for their resistance to the sucking pests. The field experiment was conducted at the Instructional Farm, JAU, Junagadh during summer 2018. None of the varieties proved highly resistant to the whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) and thrips Megalurothrips distalis (Karny); however, Meha, IPM 205-7 (Virat), and VMS 6 (GM-5) were found resistant. The varieties Vaibhav, CO-5 and PM-2 have been classified as moderately resistant (MR) to B. tabaci and AKM- 6802 was moderately susceptible (MS) to both the pests. The susceptible (S) category included the AKM-8803, GM-4, and K-851 varieties.


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G. R. Hithesh, Shah, K. D., Keerthi, M. C., & Kabaria, B. B. (2023). Screening of Mungbean Genotypes Against Whitefly <i>Bemisia tabaci</i> (Genn.) And Thrips <i>Megalurothrips distalis</i> (Karny). Indian Journal of Entomology, 85(3), 661–664.



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