Studies on Efficacy of Botanical Oils and Leaf Powders Against Lesser Grain Borer, Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) in Stored Wheat


  • Syed Mohamed Ibrahim S. Department of Agricultural Entomology, C P College of Agriculture, SDAU 385506, Gujarat
  • Prithiv Raj V. Department of Agricultural Entomology, C P College of Agriculture, SDAU 385506, Gujarat
  • Prabakaran V. Department of Agricultural Entomology, B A College of Agriculture, AAU, Anand 388110, Gujarat



Abrasion, asphyxiation, adult mortality, inhibition rate, efficacy, seed protectants, botanical oils, Rhyzopertha dominica, wheat, viscosity


The experiment on biological activity of botanical oils and leaf powders against R. dominica was conducted under laboratory condition. The results revealed that among the botanical oils and leaf powder, the castor oil 2.0% and neem leaf powder 1% achieved maximum adult mortality at 72 hr after treatment (91.67% and 81.67%) and revealed as the best grain protectants with least seed damage (4.33% and 3.67%), weight loss (2.01% and 1.04%), F1 adult emergence (3.67 and 4.33) and high inhibition rate (97.25% and 97.34%). This is due to their high viscosity of oils and asphyxiation effect by leaf powders. The finding also revealed that the botanical oils and leaf powders do not affect the germination of wheat seed.


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Mohamed Ibrahim S., S., Raj V., P., & V., P. (2023). Studies on Efficacy of Botanical Oils and Leaf Powders Against Lesser Grain Borer, <i>Rhyzopertha dominica</i> (F.) in Stored Wheat. Indian Journal of Entomology, 86(2), 618–622.



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